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The LMC6484IM is a precision quad op amp with rail-to-rail inputs and outputs

LMC6484IM General Description

The LMC6484IM is a versatile quad op-amp IC that excels in precision amplification and signal conditioning tasks. With its wide operating voltage range of 2.7V to 12V, this IC is ideal for various electronic systems requiring reliable performance

Key Features

  • LMC6484IM is a quad operational amplifier with high speed and low input offset voltage
  • It has a wide supply voltage range with low power consumption
  • The device is unity-gain stable and has a rail-to-rail output for better performance
  • It also offers low input bias current and high output current capability
  • Application

    • Low-power consumption
    • Wide range of uses
    • Reliable and durable design


    Number of channels 4 Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (max) (V) 15
    Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (min) (V) 3 Vos (offset voltage at 25°C) (max) (mV) 0.75
    GBW (typ) (MHz) 1.5 Slew rate (typ) (V/µs) 1.3
    Rail-to-rail In, Out Offset drift (typ) (µV/°C) 1
    Iq per channel (typ) (mA) 0.4125 Vn at 1 kHz (typ) (nV√Hz) 37
    CMRR (typ) (dB) 82 Rating Catalog
    Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85 Input bias current (max) (pA) 4
    Iout (typ) (A) 0.015 Architecture CMOS
    Input common mode headroom (to negative supply) (typ) (V) -0.25 Input common mode headroom (to positive supply) (typ) (V) 0.25
    Output swing headroom (to negative supply) (typ) (V) 0.1 Output swing headroom (to positive supply) (typ) (V) -0.1
    THD + N at 1 kHz (typ) (%) 0.01

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