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LM258ADR is a dual operational amplifier with a frequency response of 0.7MHz and operates within a voltage range of 5 to 28V

LM258ADR General Description

The LM358B and LM2904B operational amplifiers are top-of-the-line devices that offer exceptional performance and value for a wide range of applications. With a high voltage capability of 36 V, these op amps are ideal for cost-sensitive projects that require precision and reliability. The low offset voltage of 300 µV ensures accurate signal processing, while the common-mode input range to ground simplifies circuit design. Additionally, the op amps feature high differential input voltage capability, making them versatile for various signal processing tasks

Key Features

  • LM258ADR is a dual operational amplifier (op-amp) IC with two independent op-amps in a single package
  • It operates from a single power supply, typically ranging from 3V to 32V
  • It offers low input offset voltage, low input bias current, and high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
  • It's commonly used in signal conditioning, audio amplifiers, and instrumentation applications
  • Application

    • Sensor interface circuit
    • High gain amplifier choice
    • Automotive electronics use


    Number of channels 2 Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (max) (V) 32
    Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (min) (V) 3 Rail-to-rail In to V-
    GBW (typ) (MHz) 0.7 Slew rate (typ) (V/µs) 0.3
    Vos (offset voltage at 25°C) (max) (mV) 3 Iq per channel (typ) (mA) 0.35
    Vn at 1 kHz (typ) (nV√Hz) 40 Rating Catalog
    Operating temperature range (°C) -25 to 85 Offset drift (typ) (µV/°C) 7
    Input bias current (max) (pA) 80000 CMRR (typ) (dB) 80
    Iout (typ) (A) 0.03 Architecture Bipolar
    Input common mode headroom (to negative supply) (typ) (V) 0 Input common mode headroom (to positive supply) (typ) (V) -1.5
    Output swing headroom (to negative supply) (typ) (V) 0.005 Output swing headroom (to positive supply) (typ) (V) -2

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