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Integrated transformer driver for isolated communication using RS-485

ISO3086TDWR General Description

ISO 3086 TDWR stands as a foundational document in the realm of electronic data interchange within the healthcare sector. By defining the structure and content requirements for EDI transactions, this technical specification facilitates the seamless transmission of healthcare data across different systems. Its guidelines on data mapping, validation, and processing help to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of information exchange, enabling healthcare organizations to communicate and collaborate effectively. Moreover, ISO 3086 TDWR addresses key privacy and security considerations, offering assurances that sensitive healthcare information is safeguarded during transmission. Through its emphasis on interoperability and integration with existing IT infrastructure, this document supports the standardization and optimization of EDI processes in healthcare environments

Key Features

  • ISO 3086 specifies the terms and definitions, as well as the structure, format, and coding system of data elements for interchange between agricultural tractors and towed equipment
  • It provides a standardized framework for communication between these entities, facilitating compatibility and interoperability in the agricultural sector
  • Application

    • Aerospace radar solutions
    • Military surveillance tech
    • Precision weather monitoring


    Rating Catalog Isolation rating Basic
    Data rate (max) (MBps) 20 Working isolation voltage (VIOWM) (Vrms) 400
    Surge isolation voltage (VIOSM) (VPK) 4000 Transient isolation voltage (VIOTM) (VPK) 4242
    Withstand isolation voltage (VISO) (Vrms) 2500 CMTI (min) (kV/µs) 25
    Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85 Type RS-485

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