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This high-resolution SAR ADC excels at acquiring precise analog signals in a variety of applications, including industrial and automotive systems

ADS8861IDGSR General Description

In terms of power consumption, the ADS8861IDGSR is optimized for low-power operation, with power consumption scaling directly with speed. This makes the ADC well-suited for applications that prioritize energy efficiency, particularly in lower-speed scenarios. The device's efficient power management ensures that performance is maintained without excessive power draw, contributing to overall system reliability and longevity

Key Features

  • Sample Rate: 1 MHz
  • No Latency Output
  • Unipolar, True-Differential Input Range:
    –VREF to +VREF
  • Wide Common-Mode Voltage Range:
    0 V to VREF with 90-dB CMRR (min)
  • SPI™-Compatible Serial Interface with
    Daisy-Chain Option
  • Excellent AC and DC Performance:
    • SNR: 96 dB, THD: –115 dB
    • INL: ±1.0 LSB (max)
    • DNL: ±1.0 LSB (max), 16-Bit NMC
  • Wide Operating Range:
    • AVDD: 2.7 V to 3.6 V
    • DVDD: 2.7 V to 3.6 V
      (Independent of AVDD)
    • REF: 2.5 V to 5 V (Independent of AVDD)
    • Operating Temperature: –40°C to +85°C
  • Low-Power Dissipation:
    • 5.5 mW at 1 MSPS
    • 0.55 mW at 100 kSPS
    • 55 µW at 10 kSPS
  • Power-Down Current (AVDD): 50 nA
  • Full-Scale Step Settling to 16 Bits: 290 ns
  • Packages: MSOP-10 and SON-10


Resolution (Bits) 16 Sample rate (max) (ksps) 1000
Number of input channels 1 Interface type SPI
Architecture SAR Input type Differential
Rating Catalog Reference mode External
Input voltage range (max) (V) 5 Input voltage range (min) (V) 0
Features Daisy-Chainable, Oscillator, Small Size Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85
Power consumption (typ) (mW) 5.5 Analog supply (min) (V) 2.7
Analog supply voltage (max) (V) 3.6 SNR (dB) 96.5
Digital supply (min) (V) 1.65 Digital supply (max) (V) 3.6

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