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AD8115AST General Description

Circuit IC Switch 100-LQFP (14x14)

Analog Devices, Inc Inventory

Key Features

  • 16 × 16 high speed nonblocking switch arrays: G = 2
  • Serial or parallel programming of switch array
  • Serial data out allows daisy-chaining of multiple 16 × 16 arrays to create larger switch arrays
  • High impedance output disable allows connection of
  • multiple devices without loading the output bus
  • For smaller arrays see the AD8108/AD8109 (8 × 8) or AD8110/AD8111 (16 × 8) switch arrays
  • Complete solution
  • Buffered inputs
  • Programmable high impedance outputs
  • 16 output amplifiers (G = 2)
  • Drives 150 ? loads
  • Excellent video performance
  • 25 MHz, 0.1 dB gain flatness
  • 0.05%/0.05° differential gain/differential phase error (R
  • L
  • Excellent ac performance
  • Slew rate: 375 V/μs
  • Low power of 700 mW (2.75 mW per point)
  • Low all hostile crosstalk of ?70 dB at 5 MHz
  • Reset pin allows disabling of all outputs (connected through a capacitor to ground provides power-on reset capability)
  • 100-lead LQFP (14 mm × 14 mm)
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  • The differential gain and differential phase of better than 0.05%and 0.05°, respectively, along with a 0.1 dB flatness out to 25 MHzwhile driving a 75 ? back-terminated load, make the AD8114/AD8115 ideal for all types of signal switching.
  • The AD8114/AD8115 include 16 independent output buffersthat can be placed into a high impedance state for parallelingcrosspoint outputs so that off channels do not load the output bus.The AD8114 has a gain of 1, while the AD8115 offers a gain of 2.They operate on voltage supplies of ±5 V while consuming only70 mA of idle current. The channel switching is performed via aserial digital control (which can accommodate daisy-chaining ofseveral devices) or via a parallel control, allowing updating of anindividual output without reprogramming the entire array.
  • The AD8114/AD8115 is packaged in a 100-lead LQFP and isavailable over the extended industrial temperature range of?40°C to +85°C.
  • Applications
  • Routing of high speed signals, including
Analog Devices, Inc Inventory
AD8114-8115-fbl AD8114-8115 Pin Configuration

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